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4 Unique Ways to create a Fall Farmhouse Outdoor Planter

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Do you love to shop at vintage stores, or have random items in your barns and want to create an unique fall look? I used 4 different looks to showcase my fall mums this year by creating unique farmhouse outdoor planters. These items just add character to your fall farmhouse displays.

Farmhouse Outdoor Planter: Wire Basket

Wire basket Plante

For this look, you must also add landscape paper around the interior of the wire basket. This will hold the soil in and allow excess water to drain.

Farmhouse Outdoor Planter: Tin Washing Bin

Washing tin Flower planter

This one is quite easy, all you need to do is wash out your tin. Dirt just adds to the rustic charm. I just sat the mum in the plastic container in. Since fall only lasts x long I did not mess with adding additional soil.

Farmhouse Outdoor Planter: Wood Crates

Fall Wooden Crates

This took a little more work. Please read the post or view the video on how to create. Basically, you create a false bottom and side so the area is not as large then fill with dirt. Honestly, I just made it up as I went. (same as the wire basket)

Farmhouse Outdoor Planter: Crock

Crock with Fall Mums

I put a false bottom of old supplies and just sat the mum in the crock. In this case, the small bubble bottles were the perfect height 🙂

Just wait…

In addition, there are 2 ways to display your fall gourds

Fall Gourd Indoor Display: Clear Vase

Fall Gourd Display

Fall Gourd Outdoor Display: Round Planter

Fall Gourd Display 1



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    1. Thanks! I took the idea from a friend. I had faux ones in a croc in a bathroom but did not think about real ones until she mentioned she does it. I was thinking you would need a drainage hole in the bottom but not really for annuals

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