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In 2017, my husband and I built a new house. I did a lot of research in making it into our cozy home. He decided that I could be the point person and would just let me know when he had an opinion. This worked for me because I built the house I wanted in the budget we decided. But I also found parts of the process overwhelming so will share tips that I learned. I love updating my property so will share updates on what I am currently doing. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to see the behind the scenes of the ‘nice’ picture. I have 3 messy girls and I will keep it real. No one wants to live in the only ‘lived’ in house on their social media feed. Join me as I try to embrace the messy. The Keeping it Real series is my version of laughing at myself and hopefully making you feel better or at least know not the only one! There is also a Weight Loss Journey series started Oct 2020. Follow along as I try to lose the ‘COVID’ weight. You cannot tell day to day because of those messy girls but I deep clean often. A series about this will be created the end of 2020 or beginning of 2021.

Chris and I love to golf and watch The Ohio State Buckeyes play on Sat. Actually we enjoy watching football most days. I take that back, I love watching the Buckeyes and 49ers play. He likes watching it almost EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yes there is some type of football on almost every single day. Reminds me of the MLB…

I am hoping you will enjoy this journey with me. I love home decor and building items. My early posts have pictures that are not ‘professional’ but pictures I had saved on my phone. Going forward, I will take much better photos since will be sharing!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I am also with Rewards Style. Follow me on Liketoknow.it MTBhomeliving. You can shop my house via that website!!