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Adding Character to your New Home

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So you may be like me in wanting the functionality of a new house but the charm of an old house. You can accomplish both by adding character to your home! You can do this twofold from upgrading on basics and then how you accessorize your house.

Increase trim width

I went with 3.25 inch trim around the doors and windows and 4.5 inch on the floor. This wider trim reminds me of Craftsman homes.

Door with trim

Add warmth with wood pieces

Main accessories that can add warmth and character are your light fixtures and tables. Wood adds the necessary warmth needed to a new house. Wood tops with metal bottoms change up the look so it does not look too rustic. I have lucked out that I live out in the country and we have a wood barn that is collapsing and can reuse parts of it. Theses tables are made from wood pieces found in our families barns! Our dining table was actually found in the attic of the house we tore down.

Add sentimental accessories

My dad is a farmer who does not get rid of many items especially items out in the barn. I have found pieces that I cleaned up, used as is or painted. A wood crate was transformed into a shelf, old barn windows into picture frames. Children’s table and chair painted ‘rustic’ and became patio decoration. Antique books were added from great-grandparents with their handwriting in it! I just love that there is family history in my pieces.

Make your own pieces

Sometimes you just need to create a new piece that looks like it has been there forever. A reading nook made out of leftover wood pieces was created in our laundry hallway. It really did not take very long to make. Once the pattern of different widths and lengths was decided, I could finish it on my own.

Reading Nook

Upgrade as needed

Certain things I feared would stand out and a plain kitchen was one of those fears. Cabinet Overlays were added to my exposed kitchen peninsula. Distressed wood floors go throughout all the main living areas. They definitely add to the live in look.

White kitchen front view

There are many ways you can make your new home feel like it has a history. Let your house speak to you and you will enjoy the results. Remember sometimes old items that are on their second/third life are more comforting then brand new items.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you feel like you live in YOUR house and not just a house.



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