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So…if you already went on my home tour then you know most of our square footage is in bedrooms and bathrooms! It does make for a cozy life upstairs and maximizes the space. However, cozy because small and uncomfortable when you add x many extra people. With that in mind, we wanted a large area in our basement to entertain and a small(er) area for storage and mechanical pieces. We left the ceiling exposed and spent a weekend painting the basement ceiling a dark gray.

Basement Stairs

Basement Stairs

Our stairs are right by our garage door. This makes it handy for guests to walk in and go straight to the party. There is a half bath down there so it can really keep the messes all in one area.

Main Hallway

This hallway is very wide so I could add photos on either side. The table serves as a snack location during parties. It is a custom piece, like all my tables, so I could make the depth what I wanted. It can hold crockpots and a space for utensils but not too deep that the hallway gets congested. If you cannot tell yet, I have decorated the basement primarily in the gallery wall style. These frames display photographs of my children when they were younger.


Basement look  both sides

Would you wrap the poles??? I go back and forth. I am afraid it will block the view of the TV from the bar area. But it is also an eye sore.

Bar Side

The bar can fit 12 people around the exterior and 8 in the interior. It works out great for family parties and watching football games. Behind the bar is a rustic shelf. I originally made it to house all my Christmas frames but then decided to keep it out year round. Please read my article about numerous ways to use barn wood. There are two tvs that can be viewed in the basement. One in front the bar side and the other in front of the living room side.

Living Room/Workout Area Side

Our basement is an open floor plan with designated areas. This side is the workout area along with our living room. The living room actually does not get used much unless it is a carry over spot or if people do not want to sit on the stools any longer. Please do not mind the ‘office’ area in the living room. COVID and working from home has turned this room into my husband’s office. I am brain storming of how to make it an office space… This side of the basement is all about traveling!!! It has the world metal map with past travels The living room is decorated with souvenirs from my travels. The workout area and back hallway are for our future travels. I call it my travel vision walls.

Back Hallway

Our storage room is not pretty but it works. I helped make the shelves. I love that I have my hand in so many pieces in this house. A lot of the pieces are made by me or people I know.

Toy Room

The toy room is generally an eye sore. The door to enter it is located on the bar side of the basement. The wood barn and wood barbie house is located outside of this door. So the toy room overflows to all over the bar area. This room used to be worse, plastic shelves that were hard to open but I transformed an old dresser into this toy room one.

Wood Barn and Doll HOuse

I hope you enjoyed viewing my basement! Please click on the links throughout for different posts.

I do not care for clutter, so at some point the girls’ toys will be downsize and out of eye sight. I may always keep the pottery barn chairs though:) At one point they were in a reading nook. Who knows, once the ‘toy room’ is emptied maybe they can go in there. Having an open floor plan allows for multiple ideas/floor plans without excess work in changing it.



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