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Changing your Dresser to meet Different Life Stages.

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Having a baby is GREAT right? However, there are also loads of items that you need to spend money on besides the nursery. This old dresser was in our attic! It first got primed, then painted an off white and the handles were spray painted to match the walls. Quite easy and painless. A neutral baby or toddler fabric runner covered the top. Add a couple baby accessories and it was a perfectly good dresser for a nursery! Unfortunately, that was pre iphone/icloud age and I do not have a photo of it. Here is a messy version of it.

Fast forward 7 years and we built a new house. Again, financially we could not buy all new. That dresser got a face lift by using pink chalk paint. Edges were sanded for a weathered look. The handles were replaced with glass ones.

That dresser saw its better days. The front boards kept falling off and it was quite frustrating every time you would try to open the drawer. SO… we got a different old dresser to update. And this original got repurposed yet again. I removed the drawers and tore out the wood pieces below the drawer. It got painted green from paint leftover from an accent wall. It made it very pre teenage ish. The dresser got moved to the basement toy room to give that room a much needed face lift.

The dressers we got to replace the old set also went through life stages and had been painted to be used in a young adult’s room. Much too ‘old’ looking for my 8 and 10 year old daughters. I used the leftover crystal knobs from what is now the toy room dresser and bought matching ones for the drawers that did not have any. Amazing what little changes can do for the look and life stage the dresser is holding clothes for 🙂



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