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Cheap Binder Upgrade Using the Cricut

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Easily transform your $1.50 binders into something your kids will love!!

My kids are in elementary school and have spelling tests every week. At home each child has a binder that they use to practice their spelling words every night. A couple years ago colored binders were bought – their favorite colors: pink, purple, teal!! Well… like most kids??? they cannot keep things nice. They drew on the outside and the liners got ripped.

These binders are now their ‘play’ binders.

SO I did what every anal mother does and bought new $1.50 binders.

black binder

Then the Cricut machine and sparkly vinyl came out! I google unicorn svg free… and the same with lion and cat. The images got downloaded onto my computer and uploaded into my Cricut account. Each binder will have a name and a picture.

svg download
  1. Design your Cricut Project

Type your names in with the font you like and insert your images. Move the text/images on the screen where you will like them to print. Select all and attach. This way you can easily transfer the text/image instead of having parts of all over. The system tries to use the least paper space. However, that might entail LOTS of your time in getting it to look right. I would rather waste paper. This project was rather long so I did two pages and clicked the eye to hide some. Then printed the second time with the original closed eyes now open, original open eyes now closed.

2. Print

Attach your vinyl to your standard grip backing. Follow the prompts and print

3. Weed the excess vinyl off so your image or text shows.

4. Transfer tape

Weed the back of your transfer tape. Keep sticky side facing up. Flip over your image or text and use your scrapper to attach it onto your transfer tape.

5. Attach transfer tape to the binder.

Three binders were made with each having a name on the side.

Random pictures from this project:

Hope you enjoyed this $5 project!!!


One thought on “Cheap Binder Upgrade Using the Cricut

  1. What a great idea. My daughter has one of these machines and she’s recently moved back to live closer to us. I can’t wait to have a play with it. I’ve got some projects in mind.

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