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Craftsman Winter Home Tour

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Winter Bath 2

So I cannot be the only one that loves to have my house match the season! So please come along for my craftman winter home tour!! Please read my post about easily changing out your home decor for the season here.

New this year is greenery!!! I picked up this vine stuff located in my guest bath and entry way after Christmas 30% off!!!! I buy a large majority of my faux flowers at Pennycrest. I LOVE browsing the store and getting ideas for my home. It doesn’t look like they do online sales though so you may need to find you own local gem.

Living Room

Winter Living ROom 1
WInter Living Room 1
WInter Living Room 3
WInter Living Room 4

The flipped side of the pillows are Christmas. So this room only needed to have some wood signs flipped from Christmas to winter. I downsized the branches on the floor vase and put them around the winter frames. Well the frames are used all the time except at Christmas. But I have winter snapshots of the kids. I do not know about you but our winter gear is so thrown together that I made them black and white so would ‘blend’ instead of multiple colors that do not match.

Dining Room

Dining Room 1
Winter DIning ROom PHoto

Check out the paint easel. I bought the garland to drape along the kitchen window. It did not look right for winter so I moved it to the Dining Room. The tablescape remained the same from Christmas. You can read how to make your own tray here.

This canvas print is from my backyard. I took it and blew up it 2 years ago or so. I am not particularly in love with the blue on tan wall color but it is only up for a couple months a year so I can deal. Our entire main floor is this wall color so it cannot be moved to a different location.


Winter Cream Kitchen

The nativity scene was replaced with the poinsettia. The poinsettia was originally in the living room for Christmas. The nice thing about decorations is that they get new life when you rotate what room they go in!

I had scrape wood leftover from my fails in the how to make a wood tree post so I quickly made a miniature one for by the kitchen sink.

Guest Bath

WInter Guest Bath
Winter Bath 2

I just love this look. This is just the guest bath. I have used it and the vine on the towel rack does not bother me. I am not sure if it would be feasible if it was your main bathroom.

Entry Way

WInter Entry Way

This entry way table took a couple of minutes to make ‘winter’ All I did was remove the items that where Christmas. If you are curious, please read about my Holiday Home Tour and you can compare the rooms.

Winter ENtry Way 2

Don’t you just adore this faux greenery? I followed my advice and bought all the pieces Pennycrest had remaining. I had my eye on this in November but was not sure how I felt like decorating for Christmas. So I purchased enough of this for the Guest Bath and this corner table. In the future I may drape along a bathroom mirror. It looked too Christmasy for winter. Or maybe I am not a drape kind of person. I do enjoy the simple look.

I hope you got some ideas for your own house!!! I truly love decorating my house and hope you enjoyed the tour. The biggest thing I do are minor items. Like switching wood signs, flipping pillows, and removing ‘Christmas’ looking items.

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and definitely do not forget to read how you can change your house for the seasons.

Now you may have liked some of the items in this post. Here are some of those items!!!

and these are cute too!
Side Note: We bought Echo Show 8 for the grandparents and one for our house. This way the kids can video call their grandparents when they will like.
WInter PInterest
Winter Pinterest 2
WInter PInterest 3

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