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Different Styles for Gallery Walls!!!

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Who doesn’t LOVE a great gallery wall. They are great for large wall spaces. My basement is very open. So I have put up various styles of gallery walls. The key to blending is keeping the same format even if you do not use the same size. For example, all of mine are black frames with a white mat. Important Note: spend the time to lay out the frames on the floor so you can study placement. Put them up one by one and measure the distance between frames.

1. Uniform Square Look

3 by 3 Gallery Wall Frames

In this case I wanted all the pictures to be about the same distance away from the camera and ‘live’ shots. All of them were taken by me or family members. When mounting I needed to see what the purpose of this wall was. In this case, I wanted a table for snacks to sit on when we had parties. So I wanted the bottom frames to be high enough that a crockpot/lid would not hit it or food splatter on the glass.

2. Stretched out Along the Wall

Gallery Wall stretched out the length of the wall

I tried to keep a similar style. This was the first wall I did in the basement. This ‘hallway’ is very wide so I did not need to concern myself with people brushing up against the wall and knocking the frames off. In the middle of this set is a 11″ by 14″ family picture. On either side are pictures of the girls as babies. Thrown around are 8″ by 10″s of either us as family or of the girls. One side of the wall each girl has a 3 picture frame with their newborn pictures. On the other side, each girl has a 2 picture frame of mom and dad with them as a newborn.

3. Showcase Where you have Traveled

World Metal Map with Frames

I traveled a lot in my early 20s. I had a map of the World made and put pictures from my travels. As you can tell, different sizes and frame widths make up the wall. This type of Gallery Wall takes a lot of prep work. I wanted ‘lines’ to show what country each picture was from. So it took some work. I also like items to be uniform. The ‘lines’ are twine spray painted black.

4. Vision Board for Future Travels

Traveling takes a lot of funds but I want to share it with my girls!! So I came up with a future vision board of where we want to go. The goal is to provide hope for what we give up as we save for these endeavors. Tags are on each frame on where we want to go. As we travel, we will then put up a picture of that trip. The USA map will be filled going forward and the Europe map is for the big trip we are planning once the kids graduate.

5. Gallery Wall using Canvas Prints

This is a wall in my laundry hallway. I exchange the canvas prints every season. I have black and white, the kids in snowsuits playing in the snow, the kids in white dresses at the beach or lake. They are from different ages. Personally, I love going down memory lane. At this point, I do not know if I will always keep them in the baby/toddler/early girl stage or if I will redo in x years and have the girls as teenagers.

I hope you enjoyed!


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