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Easy Ways to Change your Home Decor with the Seasons

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Hello, I LOVE changing out my decorations in three main areas of my house depending on what season we are experiencing. It is just a simple way to bring new life into your house. Here are my top ideas to switch out every few months!!

Photographs per Season

I do not know about you, but I cannot see my children in swimsuits when there is snow outside. Frames behind my couch, the hallway leading to the garage, and on a wall in my dining room are places I always change out my photos. I love capturing past memories!!! While I am ‘building’ my photo stashes I have black and white photos that I can put up in the ‘wrong’ season. These are generally fun action ones. Don’t you just LOVE getting that photo of a children in the midst of a genuine laugh or enjoying life, or the picture with Santa when your children were little???

Faux Flowers

Another way to easily update your home decor is by changing out your faux flowers. I keep the same Pottery Barn baskets and Crate and Barrel vases in my living room but switch out the flowers. I have a plastic storage bin where the out of season flowers wait for their turn! I do pink in the spring, bright reds/oranges in the summer, burnt reds and oranges for the fall, and reds/whites for winter.


If you are feeling ambitious, I also rotate rugs. Right now, I only rotate my front door and then kitchen rugs during Christmas/winter season. I used to have a flower pattern in my kitchen but after the gray snow flakes I decided that blended so much better. So last winter I spent ages looking for the right one.

Throw Pillows

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Rotating throw pillows works really well for bringing the outdoor weather inside. I started buying throw pillow covers. This way I only store the fabric and not 15 plus actual pillows.


Another item that I started changing is my dining room tablescape. The rustic piece is going to be my ‘main’ piece. I will just rotate the tree for something seasonal appropriate. You can read all about my rustic piece here and my fall piece here.


I hope you enjoyed seeing how I easily adjust my home decor for the different seasons. It only adds an extra 10 – 15 mins during your cleaning to switch these items up. If you notice, a lot of the items are the same year around I just adjust those items mentioned. The only time I do a full change is Christmas.

Please take my fall home tour and my holiday home tour!

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This post was originally wrote in the Aug 2020 and updated in Dec 2020.

4 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Change your Home Decor with the Seasons

  1. Great ideas. We don’t have snow and I would never have thought that photos of kids in swimmers would be a problem in the winter! Funny how the difference in climate makes us do different things. As we don’t have such defined seasons I don’t feel the need to change my decor quite as much but I do change it from summer to winter, etc. I like the cozy feel of winter accessories, etc. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas.

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