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Fall Home Tour 2020

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I cannot wait to show you my rustic/farmhouse fall home tour!! I had a great time decorating this week and went with alot of the classic orange/greens/yellow/red colors this year!

First up is the living room

I change throw pillows, faux flowers, and pictures when I decorate each season.

Fall Mantel in Living Room

Here is a close up of the faux flowers and the couch table that displays family pictures. These flowers are ‘new’ this year. I love picking up little things to make the room ‘fresh’ each year. My husband thought the flowers appeared ‘dead’. But I am in love with the burnt rustic colors and material.

By the way, this candle smells AMAZING. These are ‘real’ gourds in this vase. I bought the bag of 5 for only $3 at Walmart!

Next is the Dining Room

This year I added an easel in the corner. One of my many finds from out in the barn. It actually belonged to my Great (Great?) Grandma!!! How cool is that.? The table is decorated with my dollar tree centerpiece! I found a scarf in my closet that worked with the color scheme.

Laundry Room

Fall Laundry room

In order to save money I have black and white canvas prints. Some have spring pictures and others fall. My goal is to have all fall pictures by 2021


This bathroom piece was a late idea. Check out my video on creating the vase. I am loving this vase so much with my colors in the bathroom that I may just update the faux flowers throughout the year! This stem was actually bought a few years ago but I needed to find a new location for it. That is the nice thing about picking up new pieces that you can just rotate where everything goes.


I love changing out the exterior of my house. Window boxes and front porch decorations get swapped out. For fall, I did leave my window boxes as is. The germaniums are still blooming. I had old wooden boxes that I planted with mums and corn stalks. I grew pumpkins in my garden. However, only white pumpkins made it this year. I really want those green ones to produce! Don’t you love how many colors pumpkins can be???

Lastly, my back patio

I decorated with vintage, farm items. I just love items with history!!! There is a tin that is holding mums. And on a side table, it’s hard to see but there are gourds in a planter. The Enjoy sign is actually a pig mover type thing. It got scrubbed and painted! As always, I love having crocks sitting out. This one has a purple mum in it.

Hope you enjoyed this fall home tour! Please view my ‘normal’ home tour.


3 thoughts on “Fall Home Tour 2020

  1. I love the family pictures in your laundry room!!! I spend so much time folding tiny clothes in there, maybe I need to put some up to remind myself how cute they really are when theyโ€™re clothed. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ˜

    1. I love going down memory lane and this gives me something mentally to do when the mundane task of laundry pops up. This room is a hallway so it also works as a focal point since x many friends/family come in through the garage. ๐Ÿ˜

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