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Welcome to my home!!! I have spent a lot of time setting it up to be functional and cosy. I do not like clutter so ‘try’ not to have too much. I’m sure I will be updating these pictures as I get better at taking photographs. It is just SOOOOO hard with 3 girls who are in the toy phase and not picking up. I have an open floor plan. Below are the 3 main ‘rooms’: Kitchen, Living Room, and Dining Room.

We have 3 bedrooms and 2 baths for the girls. We kept a lot of similar themes in the rooms. It was soooo much easier to design if just adapt each room instead of start new. Also the house has a more coherent flow.

We mainly enter our house through the garage which leads to the stairs to the basement and the laundry ‘hallway’.

I am so glad we adapted the original floor plan so there were not so many doors. We switched out the bi fold folding doors for this nook.

Our Master Bath got an upgrade during the early phases of the build . We already had 2 tubs in the girls bathrooms so I wanted a walk in shower. It was fun designing it. We put up a glass ‘window’ so we would not fill like we were in a cage. Also there is no door leading to the shower. Just a ledge you step over.

Thanks for viewing my main floor. I will do another page with our basement!