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How to DIY your own Front Porch Christmas Decoration

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Christmas Box
Want to try something different when you decorate your front porch this year for Christmas?  Do you want to involve your kids?  Do you want to adjust the whole 'I want, I want, I want' toy mantra from your kids?  I did two years ago!  I ending up finding this book by Susan Jones on Amazon.  
A Birthday Party for Jesus

This book gave me the idea to BUILD my own Christmas presents using scrap wood and label them as gifts to Jesus. I loved the idea that it went with the Christmas Season AND tied in the Birth of Christ. Decorating your front porch with Christmas presents is so easy and creating your own present does not take much time. Due to paint drying time it is not a start and finish in one setting type of project. When I originally did this two years ago, my kids painted and came up with the words for the gift tags. This project is very forgiving for those that are not professional crafters. It was also a learning moment in thinking: What present can I give Jesus, instead of what I want from Santa.


1. Find scrap wood.

Scrap Wood

I made two boxes for this post. My first box had some errors so I did another one. The second time I just used wood I savaged from the dresser makeover.

2. Decide your box dimensions and cut the boards

Scrap Wood being cut

I just look for different heights and widths so an array of sizes are on my porch. It depends on how big the scrap wood is too. The bottom of the box will be OPEN. So 4 sides and a top piece is needed.

3. Glue the edges and nail together

Be careful when doing this part. You wouldn’t believe how many times I went to put together and realized that the piece should be on the outside and not flushed.

Note, use a FINISH nail gun. A Framing one will leave bigger holes. I did a framing one first. I think it was because I was ‘filming’ and just kept making errors. The funny thing was in September I was going to make a box for this post and I didn’t because I only had the framing nail gun and needed the finish one. So why did I grab the framing nail gun when it came to nailing???? Stage Fright ???? You can see my jumprope video here.

4. Cut a smaller/thin rectangle piece of wood for the gift tag

Also drill a hole in the gift tag and the lid of the box.

5. Put two coats of exterior paint and primer

It is easy to fix if you screw something up like I did! Make sure to fill in the nail holes with wood filler or nail patch before painting with colors. Sand off the filler so the board is smooth. This entire ‘fixing’ process takes about 5 mins and really will help the appearance. I also put the filler on the seams so the sides of the boxes appear to be one board instead of multiple boards.

Notice how well the lid looks after wood filler.

6. Decide a theme for each box and paint accordingly

Make sure to put two coats of exterior paint on.

7. Label your gift tag with what you (or your kids) want to gift to Jesus

8. Thread the twine into the present and double knot. Cut and thread the other end in the gift tag and double knot.

Note, if you also do a ribbon you can attach the twine around the ribbon wire. Just thread the ribbon wire into the hole in the lid.

9. Decorate your Front Porch

Front Porch with Boxes

This was my front porch last year. I may end up buying more wired ribbon and attaching to the top of the ‘new’ boxes. I hope you enjoyed and try yourself!!! There is also this video post if that is more your cup of tea.

I realize not everyone has the scrap wood or maybe the time available to make their own presents. I found these cute alternatives from Kohls.

or these other ideas for your front porch!

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