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How to make your own Metal World Map with Picture Frames Wall

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I LOVE to travel. I also love to display pictures of our travels on the wall. Something about it takes you out of your mundane life and into the dream world. Instead of sweeping your floors, you are transported back to those carefree vacation days. Or maybe you are saving up for trips and the vision of seeing where you WILL go at some point helps. These metal world maps with picture frames WORK for your emotional well being. Read on to see how to make this display on your wall.

1. Buy Lots and Lots of Frames

There are various gallery wall sets of frames. I bought many of them so I could fill the large space. Personally, I did not want too many ‘large’ frames so would also buy sets of 5″ by 7″ mat size and 4″ by 6. The square ones were interesting too. I did not care if different brand or different frame widths. I DID care that all were black frames with white mats.

2. Measure how large you want your World or USA map to be.

Mine were custom cut but you can also find them online. Read below for links. When measuring make sure to take into account what else is on your wall space. For example, is it going behind a couch, do you need it high enough if in a hallway etc. You also do not want your eyesight to go too high or too low. The frames will increase the wall space needed since they will be all around the metal map. So you do not want the world map too big because then you cannot have frames above and below.

3. Lay out everything on your floor.

I spent hours (?) working on placement. I snapped pictures not because I thought I would ever write a blog about it but because I wanted to see what it would look at or to send to someone for fresh eyes. It IS different viewing in real time and on your phone. I could nitpick more or notice what stood out in a bad way. I wanted all my ultimate measurements to be the same. There are 3 displays on my basement walls. So they needed to be approximately same distance from the ceiling, same width etc. I liked an organized messy look. So 8″ by 10″ are in opposite corners and not side by side.

4. Wrap your space needed with twine.

This will help create a temporary border for your display. Take the full exterior measurements from step 3. Then you can have a line so everything is in alignment. I tried alignment with a laser but it really did not work. I’m sure it was user error but a tape measurer, pencil and twine worked even if took longer.

5. Center your map

This is really important if you like everything to be accurate. These metal wall maps did NOT have a hook so I did anchors and screws and placed them at places where the metal could sit. Then I tightened the screws to hold in place.

Europe Map on wall

6. Start adding your frames

I started with the 4 exterior corner frames. It is important to measure on your floor demo first. I also had a notebook with measurements. There are plenty of redrills because it did not looked placed right. IF I ever get rid of these feature pieces I will have a lot of prep before the wall could be painted 🙂

7. Add your ‘Vision’ tags.

I picked up plain gift bag tags. I used my Cricut to make the labels for each. There are plenty of ‘open’ tags on my Europe wall. My USA one already needs changed less than year later. But tags can easily and inexpensively be traded out. I consider this vision to be more of a goal instead of a must have to do.

Traveling should have spur of the moment pieces to it. For example, summer 2020 we were planning on taking the girls to Orlando!!! Hello COVID and those dreams of Walt Disney and Sea World got pushed back. It ended up being feasible for us to take a long weekend to Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls for some reason was NEVER on my want to visit location. It was awesome. However, now I need to do a tag for Niagara Falls. AND add the a picture from the trip!! YAH

8. Bask in the hopes and the memories

Some days are just rough. I love going down memory lane and seeing past trips. I also get excited when I see where we want to go in the future! My family is not as into it as me, but once the girls are teenagers I am hoping for input. Otherwise, we will keep taking trips I want. Smiley face 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this. AND it started your mind spinning on your trips to be had or taken already. There is SO much to learn and enjoy from other cultures or other places in the great U.S. of A.

World Metal Map with Frames

Here is my first world metal wall art with picture frame display. It had my previous travels, mainly from my twenties before a husband and children came into the picture.



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