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How to Transform a Barn Window into a Picture Frame

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I found these old wood barn window frames sitting in a wagon! I just love the fact that my dad has a hard time throwing items away 🙂 It has led to new life to lots of old things. And a plus is that these items add so much character to my house.

Since these frames were sitting out in a barn for who knows how many years, I took dawn dish soap and gave them a good scrub then sprayed them with a water hose. Finally, let them dry in the sun.

Measure the opening to see what size each divider is. I was pleasantly surprised to find it to be four 8″ by 10″ openings. If your openings are standard size, congrats!!!

Next, buy the cheapest picture frame you can. Mine were close to a $1 from Walmart. Take the glass out of the new frame and sit it in the barn window. Get a cardboard box and cut out 8″ by 10″ or whatever the size of your openings are. Layer your frame: glass, picture, and finally your cardboard.

Take finishing nails and hammer into the side so the cardboard stays in place. Add felt pads to protect the paint on your walls. My frames lay up against the wall but if hanging on the wall, there are different options. One is to tie wire around drilled in screws. Another is to buy a bracket and hammer small nails in the sides.

Tips on what photographs to use: I would use all of one style: color or black and white. Also same direction, vertical or horizontal. The same theme should be used. All baby pictures, all pictures from the same outing, and all same distance from the camera etc. If it is too busy it will be distracting instead of a calming look.

Note: I have seen where a person will put one large photograph in. If you do decide to do one large picture make sure to measure the full opening.

After you insert the glass, add finishing nails inside the 8″ by 10″ opening. Use the corners so the nails will not show. Set the picture (16″ by 20″) over the dividers. Then add a thin cardboard cut out for the full back. Finish by adding finishing nails to keep all 3 items snug.

Now if you can’t find your own vintage barn window you can buy one of these:) from Amazon

Now if you want to see other ideas on repurposing barn wood read this post!

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