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Keeping it Real: Multiple Uses for Laundry Hallways

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Hello, When we built our house we looked at square feet and tried to find a balance on getting the space you needed but not so much excess space. Our hallway to the garage is our laundry room. The original floor plan called for multiple doors along one side. Luckily I modified it when we were putting up studs. There was supposed to be a door over the basement stairs, a pocket door that connects to the dining room and then bi-fold closet doors for coats etc. Instead I kept it open, and am so glad. A tiny hallway feels much wider now. I DID keep a small closet for cleaning supplies

The other side was created as a laundry ‘work station’. Four laundry baskets fit on the shelves.

SO The intent was the dried clothes will be put on the countertop. Clothes folded and put away immediately in the baskets underneath. One basket per bedroom. The nook was to be used for putting on shoes or reading…

Well what happened…. Clothes did NOT get folded right away. So 2 – 3 loads would pile up on the counter and fall into the sink. Once or twice I hit the sink handle while throwing the clean clothes on the pile and got the clothes all wet. Not the intent… So now the nook is where the to-be folded clothes go and it STILL piles up. Shocker

Now I know your thinking piled up laundry gets wrinkles. My theory is that I am not ‘hiding’ the clean laundry and if a family member has a problem with it then they can fold it. Hence, why now my spouse is in charge of folding. Besides the fact I had zero time to. You would be amazed, not, to find out that the piles continue to build up and potential wrinkles do not matter.

But all in all it is a very functional space and as long as we stay on top of the laundry before guests come over, it is not an embarrassment.



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