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Make your own Wooden Tree

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Wood Treee

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Make your own wooden tree to accent your Christmas decorations!! Grab your reclaimed wood or pallet wood and get started.

So I decided to try my hand at building something myself for Christmas. I was browsing through Hobby Lobby and thought I could make that. With a twist of course. Have you ever thought that ESPECIALLY with temporary pieces??? You could also be the person who THINKS that but decides the time and desire needed to make it did not outweigh the cost. This outing, I decided not to buy but to make something because I am doing this blog hop: Great Re-Imagination Challenge. You probably will see future posts since I find I like making things and blog hops are SO fun in seeing other people’s ideas.

I never did look at the price tag but I can tell you I DID put in many more hours than it was worth. Technically, I made THREE trees. 3rd time was the charm.

Here are my rejects

Reject One

I was SO proud as I was cutting this. First I measured how wide I wanted the tree. I used 45 degree cuts on the miter saw. Second I marked the the edges on the top line of the bottom board so I knew where to cut for the next piece. I continued this practice up the tree. HOWEVER, the tree was ‘done’ with only 3 boards. So if I wanted to continue in this fashion I needed to make it even wider on the bottom.


Do NOT use 45 degree cuts. It is too sharp of an angle

Reject Two

So I redid the process in Reject One but instead made 30 degree cuts on the miter saw. This part did work. I centered and glued. However, I got overly excited with the nail gun and made it ‘secure’. BUT I spaced the boards too far apart and it looked weird. I got a couple of the boards loose and put them closer. This time I didn’t measure and remeasure. So it was lopsided. I was annoyed and decided I would use a screw because the nail gun was not working. BUT I stripped the screw. You can just IMAGINE my mood at that point. Yes you read the other line correct, it was the ‘nail gun’ that was not working properly. 🙂 See ALL the nails hammered down???? I did not have the skill or patience to yank them out.

Comparison of the 2 Rejects

Wood Trees Comparison

The top is the 45 degree and the bottom is the 30 degree one. Crazy how much difference an angle makes.


DO NOT put in extra nails to make it secured UNTIL you know it is how you want it.

3rd Time is the Charm

I actually took a time out from this project because I was not loving the angle of the tree. I went back to the Hobby Lobby picture and realized that the tree was NOT a straight line. But each piece was approximately the same piece stacked on top of eachother.

Hobby Lobby Tree


1. Grab your Scrap Wood

I used the leftover pieces from the Rustic Tray project. If you enjoy this type of thing please read about all ways I have made items with barn wood.

Anyways, like with any project upcycling barn wood you must layer the boards so you can see how you will like it. I tried getting the nails to show through but the angles did not line up for that. In the end, I ended up using the top board on the left and cutting down into multiple pieces.

2. Play with the Angles

So I forgot what degree cut I liked. I knew I did not want 45 degrees. Instead I went with 22 1/2 degree and realized it was way too steep. I then just took the angle of Reject 2 to find out what the correct angle was. Make sure to just test out on junk wood so you do not ruin your real pieces. Originally I was going to cut down Reject 1 with the correct angles but by the time I got to the right degree, it was not long enough.

3. Cut your boards

I would love to say I had a grand plan. But I did not. You SHOULD have nice pieces and be able to make it the length you want. However, I had ZERO desire to clean barn wood. So I made the width of my project to FIT the board I had remaining. Also it was a jigsaw type plan because I wanted the tree top to be a triangle piece. So the 2nd piece towards the top was cut to blend the bottom two layers with the top layer.

Wood Tree
Wood Tree with back

The stem piece was cut down so that the tree top would not show through. You can see my pencil mark on the edge.

4. Assemble the Tree

First find the center of the small block for your base. I just used a scrap piece and cut down. I just eyeballed it. Find the center, glue, and nail the base to the ‘trunk’. In Reject 2 I did this last and it was HARD leveling. This time I LEARNED. If I had to redo this, I would make the base turned so the rustic wood is in the front instead of the cut side.

I eyeballed the boards. Then measured each side to make sure it was centered. I glued, measured then put ONE nail in the back. I worked my way up.

5. Find a Location for it

Honestly, at this point I was not sure if this was going to the Reject pile. Making these trees DID NOT take a long time. I did not follow my number one rule of making a piece custom for me. Sometimes you go with a different plan with the wood pieces you HAVE instead of the decorating goal. So I just moved the piece around until I found a location that fit it. The wooden tree HAS grown on me and I may even say it has moved past liked to almost love.

Actually the tree IS in the picture located to the right of the sink picture. Its in the center of the middle shelf. It blended in TOO well. I ended up going with the bottom right picture.

Tree Top SHelf Middle

Final Thoughts

I am SURE I scared you from wanting to make your own wooden tree. However, if you read this post and do as I say and not what I DID you should have a quick easy rustic tree in no time. Seriously, it was a quick project. I just started over THREE times. I probably will even make it again. Probably smaller for by a sink. I really do like the rustic feel of it.

Other Projects

I cannot stress this enough, check out my other projects using reclaimed barn wood! It may give you an idea. If you do not have a barn that is falling down on your property (who doesn’t HA) try pallet wood.

Buy it Yourself

Here are some trees I found online that you could buy if you do not want to try to make your own. I must admit, I am liking the authentic, rustic one I made. And not just because I ‘wasted’ x long doing THREE of them LOL


Remember, this was a blog hop. SO go check out my friends re-imagined projects!!!!

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6 thoughts on “Make your own Wooden Tree

  1. Hahaha … I love your write-up! My project also had some rocky moments but look, we both have finished projects in the end and learned something too. Your perseverance is inspiring, my friend, and I’m very glad that this little guy has a happy home in the end! Well done 🥰

  2. I’m glad you stuck with this project and kept trying until you got it right for you. I really like your tree and how rustic and natural it looks. I don’t work with power tools but wish I knew how so I am proud to see someone who makes it work for them. Great job!

  3. I love your barn wood Christmas tree! Even though it was trial and error, it turned out beautifully in the end. Just wanted to tell you that I could not see the other peoples posts because there was a message on your site which said ‘This page has an X-Frame-Options policy that prevents it from being loaded in this context.
    The browser prevented this page from loading in this context because the page has an X-Frame-Options policy that disallows it.’

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