Mommy and Me SPA DAY

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This holiday season treat yourself and your daughter(s) to a Covid Spa Day!!! In the past, I would treat my three daughters (aged 8,8, and 10) to mani/pedi’s during Christmas break. However, with COVID happening, I decided to get the items for at-home spa day!

I found these essentials for the Mommy and Me Spa Day. I am thinking it might be a Christmas break type of day for us. So the robes and supplies can be unwrapped on Christmas day. However, who knows if I can withhold this goodness for another 6 weeks!!! It might just occur on a freezing day when you just want to snuggle indoors! HOWEVER, the best part is you can have MULTIPLE days by buying the items to keep in your house.

Here are my ideas from Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Teen, Ulta Beauty, and Sephora. Just click on the links or the pictures and it will send you to the website!

Picture yourself in a comfy robe with a facial mask and hair treatment. After showering and while doing your nails you drink a glass of orange juice with a nice relaxing candle burning.

My girls LOVE feeling all grown up by drinking out of wine glasses. So you may want to buy something girly, fancy, or holiday ish. OR just use what you have onhand because I bet you have at least a couple 🙂

So if you want to give the full day service why not spruce up the experience with these additional ‘props’ from Kohls.

Well, If you do your spa day on a cold winter morning you may want these items from Walmart along with your favorite K Cups. We will use hot chocolate!!

Now, if you are onboard with this for you and your daughters, granddaughters, or friends you might want to buy ASAP. There are sales going on right now!!! I know after I post this I am going to checkout on my shopping carts. Yes, I probably should had checked out prior to this post but it takes me awhile to window shop. Who knows what I will find on another site!

Have fun on your spa day! Hopefully, Covid will not stop you from being able to enjoy it with a loved one.

Comment below on your plans for a spa day or how it went!!!

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