Weight Loss Journey

My Weight Loss Journey-Intro and Week One

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October 4, 2020

Introduction to my Workouts


I am not sure if a lot of you are in the same boat as me or not but I DID put on weight during 2020. I’m blaming it on COVID but honestly, I am not sure if that is the case. See, I have a home gym. Only thing I lacked was motivation.

Starting in 2020 I used my SWEAT app. Which was awesome. It is a very good app and motivating. I follow it and Kayla Itsines on Instagram. However, the 28 min workouts turned into a hour workout. COVID was a very stressful time with balancing working from home, helping my children do remote learning, and trying to keep up on everything else. I just did not have it in me to devote that much time to my workout.

John Peel created JP Fit 30. He is an IFIT trainer. I LOVE IFIT workouts. I have been a member for years. This workout was 30 mins and the series lasted 4 weeks. In addition to this workout, I started walking outside. I met neighbors that I never talked to before. During COVID, it seemed everyone was walking outside and I would pass them walking or just talk to them while taking care of my garden.

I also enjoyed the Google Maps via IFIT workouts where you map where you want to jog. Years ago, I would map various European cities. London IS my favorite city. However, I did lose interest and currently my preference is working out with a trainer. Technically the trainer cannot hear me but I do not feel alone. These workouts transport me to other cities. So for 30 mins a day I can travel somewhere else in the world!!! No plane ticket needed!

Putting on the weight

Basically my COVID weight gain started when I went back into the office in June. It is not necessarily ‘that’ because I always workout about 9 months a year. Hardly ever NO MATTER my intentions do I work out in June, July, and Dec. However, this year I also did not workout in Aug and Sept.

Present day I am up 8 pounds from the last time I weighed myself in Feb 2020. My pants are tight or just don’t fit, and my shorts look miserable on. The khaki ones with a zipper/button look horrendous. Last weekend was First Communion for my twins and it was warm out. I went to change into shorts and just couldn’t fit into those summer shorts. I ended up wearing a ‘nicer’ pair of stretchy ones from Loft. My legs are not tone but at least I did not have a muffin top and sausage legs in those shorts.

This is QUITE embarrassing but if anyone is on this journey too… I am 42 years old, mom of 3 and my body DOES NOT look like it used to. Does anyone else see pictures of their 20s body and wish they had it back? BUT back then all you saw was the flaws? Kayla Itsines is a big believer in taking progress pictures. So flaws and all… (I doubt you will ever catch me in bikini bottoms again)

So that brings me to Mon. I started the Iberian Beginner Running series with Tommy Rivers on IFIT. This video series was chosen because I just need to start over with building up endurance and speed. I have also learned culture and history by watching locations filmed in other parts of the world. It is a 6 weeks long series. Week one was gradually bringing you into running. I have run since my mid 20s but I am NOWHERE close to where I was before.

Week One Round Up

Each day was a 5 min warm up and 5 min cool down. Walking was around a speed of 2.4 or 2.8. Jogging speeds were about 4.8. Ifit video workouts automatically change your speed and incline to fit the video and what the trainer wants. We would jog 30 seconds and walk for a min. Honestly, I did not sweat much. And my mind wondered to my blog a bit. I am not impressed by my progress with my blog and social media accounts so I kept coming up with things I need to do. Working out for me, particularly walking/jogging always lets my creative mind wonder.

I ‘used’ to regularly jog in the low 6’s and instead of walking breaks it was sprints for 30 second to a min around 7. If I tried that NOW I wouldn’t make it through a workout and would not come back for further punishment. How do I know that????? Well I HAVE tried to get back into these jogging workouts since March and just did not have the desire for the I AM GOING TO DIE workouts. Tommy the trainer, says this beginner’s series will get harder and I AM hoping I get back my endurance so I can try harder workouts.

So the workout series is in Portugal. Lisbon IS BEAUTIFUL. There was a castle we walked around and learned about the history. The roads are hand done. Something about stone and then they weave these black stones throughout. The last workout was on a beach/cliff. It was amazing. I am SO ready for the calm and peacefulness of watching water. When I jog I generally like to see buildings. That stuff interests me and my mind does not focus on the workout and how many minutes are remaining.

Food and Drink

Food wise I ate lower calorie lunches. This summer, I started eating frozen lunches at 400-600 calories or leftovers from the night before. Then was eating snickers or M&Ms for my afternoon snack. I was drinking a can of pop 4 days out of 7 a week. Week one, I started eating raw vegetables with dip for snacks and wraps for lunch or smaller portion if eating leftovers. And I only had a pop once, on Sat. Cutting back on the sugar helped with the bloated feeling I had. On the negatives, I did eat chips and drink beer on Friday night and on Sat had a Nestle ice cream bar. But it IS a start.

Join me next Sunday, when I post about Week Two! And I hope you start your own journey OR at least get a kick out of the one I am on.



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