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My Weight Loss Journey – Week 3

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I must admit week 3 got a lot harder than weeks 1 and 2. I can count on sweaty workouts on ‘growth’ days. For the most part, I have been doing the workouts in the mornings before work.


I’m telling you these 30 min workouts are fascinating. Tommy Rivers is SUCH a great guide. This is a picture of a house that I mentioned in a previous post. White houses, red roof, and blue accent pieces are the norm in Portugal It comes from the Moorish ancestry. Apparently the Moors used to settle there but were run off. Christianity came in but they still kept the Islamic Moor style but just added to it. It has something to do with God’s presence and light. I believe the blue has something to do with the sky.

Anyways back to the workouts. The 5 min warm ups and cool downs were decreased to 4 mins. Three workouts rotated 1 min jogging and 1 min walking. The growth workouts added time to the jogging periods. The first growth workout rotated 2 mins jogging and 1 min recovery walk. The second growth workout rotated 4 mins jogging and 1 min recovery. I timed it and believe 2 sets were 5 mins long not the 4 mins he ‘stated’ we were going to do! It did feel GOOD jogging again. The speeds have remain the same since week 1. So 4.8 jog and 2.6 recovery walk. I am NOT missing jogging in the 6’s. 4.8 is a nice pace where you are getting a good workout but do not feel like you are punishing body or mentally exhausted and trying to push through by the end. I am a competitive person and lost the enjoyment of ‘seeing’ new places and just taking a mental break from life. I do think it is good to ‘push’ your body and get better but at some point you just do not enjoy the pace or length any longer and just stop. So here’s hoping I keep the 4.8 pace or get accustomed to a faster pace but not ‘too’ fast.

One workout was freaky because we were running in the area where Prince Henry the Navigator had a school of navigation. Tommy went into differing opinions of this time period . Europe had explorers who ‘discovered’ Brazil and the Americas etc. However, these newly discovered lands had people who lived there for centuries. So how were they ‘discovered’, he asked. He also mentioned Christopher Columbus and Columbus Day. I did this workout the week AFTER Columbus Day. My daughter was complaining about Columbus Day being a Holiday when he was a ‘bad’ guy. I really did not know much about it. So it was freaky when HE was talking about it. And Christopher Columbus DID have a ‘colorful’ history. Some states have changed this Holiday to Indigenous Day to honor those people who lived in the ‘discovered’ region.

I’m telling you, I learn SO much during my 30 minute workouts. He seems very well rounded and articulate. I keep thinking he ‘fits’ in anywhere and has lived throughout the world.

Tommy Rivers

As you can tell, I am REALLY enjoying these workouts. I did briefly glance at IFIT to see other video workouts of his for future programs. Tommy is an amazing distance runner. I am not positive how many more of the workouts I can do since I have NO desire to train for a marathon. Anyways, I went to add him on Instagram. His last post was JULY 2020. And he looked beat up and in the hospital. He was NOT in a physical fight but a fight against cancer. I did some digging and found his wife’s account. Tommy has a rare form of cancer was in medical induced coma in July – August I believe. Then in ICU. I ‘think’ in Oct 2020 he was finally moved out of ICU. I CANNOT believe this. He is still healthy and so alive on my workouts with him that my mind is not dealing with the fact he is and has been fighting for his life. Anyways #RunwithRivs I am hoping no news is good news. The last time his wife posted was Oct 9th. So I have added him and his family to my prayers.


I am back to eating healthy. It would be great if I could give up pop for good. I had one on both days, Saturday and Sunday. I just go through bloated feelings when I have pop or sugar. My snacks have been carrots and dip/bananas/apples etc. I also started eating oatmeal for breakfast. That feels ‘healthier’ than granola bars or bagels.

Body Image

I have not seen a difference on the exterior of my body but I do feel that my body is changing ‘underneath’ Muscles seem to trying to make a return. My face also feels thinner. Again, that bloated feeling hits my face and I feel like I get chipmunk cheeks. Isn’t it amazing how you can feel great and a ‘skinny’ version of you and then eat sugar or ??? and then you wake up bloated and a ‘marshmallow’ version.

Please comment if you are also on a weight loss journey or just enjoy reading about my journey.



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