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My Weight Loss Journey – Week 4

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Each week of this 6 week course has you build on the previous week. So the ‘growth’ days become the standard for the following week. I am SCARED for tomorrow’s workout. In good news, I did not have as much as a muffin top and pulling on jeans went a lot smoother.


SO… The first growth workout consisted of 8 mins jog at 4.8, 2 min recovery walk at 2.6, 8 mins jog, 2 min recovery, ending with 5 mins jog. Warms up and cool downs were only 3 mins long instead of the 5 that we started with during week 1. The OTHER growth worked was TWELVE mins jog at 4.8, 2 min recovery and another TWELVE mins jog. The other three days were 2 mins jog then 1 min recovery. I KNOW in week one he SAID we were going to be jogging the entire time by the time we were done with 6 weeks but I kind of thought that was ‘a long ways away’.

So my favorite workout to date is this Carvoerio growth workout. It was actually the 12 min sets. We went through limestone caves, seen cliffs, beaches etc. Did you know that white sand is actually parrot fish ‘poop’? I didn’t. They eat the algae on the floor and it comes ‘out’ as white sand. They also ‘spit’ out a mucus membrane type bubble that protects them while they sleep. When a predator rubs up against it, it wakes them up and they swim away. Quite fascinating creatures. And another tidbit that I learned from Tommy.

I’m telling you these workouts go alot quicker than jogging by myself and listening to music even WHEN I am jogging via my own preprogramed google map workout.

The final workout moved from Portugal to Morocco. The workout was in a small city. It was interesting but I much preferred the cliffs of Portugal. The alleys/roads were all narrow. It definitely felt like a simpler kind of life. There was a donkey pulling a wagon of wood. The city has quite the incline and the donkey brings the wood from the bottom to the residences and restaurants up top. They use wood for their stoves too. I kept thinking this would be roughing it for me. There is this long ‘canal’ type wooden structure that collects water and people use it to wash their clothes. It was ‘nice’ to visit in the comfort of my own home. I am not sure it is a place I could move to. Whom am I kidding, I am not the type of person to start a wood fire to cook supper, nor hand wash my clothes along side x many neighbors. It kind of confused me because isn’t Morocco a spot for rich people to go gamble or race speed boats or cars? Thought there was some big event there, Grand Prix or something like that?? But maybe this city was just not modern and others are??? Guess I will find out in weeks 5 and 6!

I was able to workout every morning before work M-TH. Friday I just could not do it. My hip started bothering me on Wed and mentally I was just ‘done’ and went back to sleep. However, I did work out Friday after work so I could give my hip more time to rest on Sat/Sun. This will be nice especially if we do longer running times on Monday.


I did not do the greatest food wise. I had a couple of ice cream drumstick type items and a couple of fun size snickers. Hot chocolate also came into play but I took that as a better than x option. My sweet tooth was going CRAZY this week. Am kind of wondering if PMS related. Overall, did pretty well with only 2 ice cream treats and 2 fun size snickers for the week, if compare to the number of times I told self NO.

Body Image

I accidently grabbed skinny khakis for work on Friday and they were pulling up OK before I realized I grabbed the wrong ones. I took them off before trying to zip. Just was not in the mood to ‘see’. They are more for skinny days than ‘normal’ days and since I am trying to get from ‘bloated’ days to ‘normal’ day clothes I was not going to give myself a mental setback because I could not buckle without major muffin top OR not be able to zip up.

I also put another pair khakis into rotation. They can fit and zip up fine. I did not put them back in the wash at the end of the day for fear ‘the dryer will shrink’. Yes, sometimes I blame the dryer instead of candy/pop for why my pants fit less. I am sure I am not the only one..

Comment Below if you are enjoying this or if you decided to start your own workout plan. Working out with friend virtually is still better than with no one else.

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