Weight Loss Journey

My Weight Loss Journey – Week 5

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So I had a DUH moment or was it a LEARNING moment??? So last week we ended in Morocco and I was questioning it. – the village life etc. Well this week we started back up in the same town. I will get more into that when I show pictures. So Tues we go to another city and Tommy is talking about the King and how the Queen is from this particular city that we were running in. He said the King’s name was Mohammed VI. So I was very confused because I could remember reading about King Albert or Prince Albert. He used to be a playboy prince before getting married and has twins. And a famous ish wife. It really DID NOT seem to fit in this Islamic culture or image I had of Albert’s country. Guess what???? MOROCCO is in Africa and MONACO is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and France. and …Albert II is the Sovereign Prince of Monaco.

SO if you are reading this in real time and not down the road please do not comment on Week 4 that I am an idiot and it is two different countries. The bad thing is I not only mentioned my confusion during my write up of Week 4 but I also mentioned it to people in person on Sat.


So I did not sleep well and did a couple of work outs in the middle of the night. It helps quiet my mind OR worst case scenario at least I am done working out for the day. SO Tuesday I worked out at 4am and Thurs at 3 am. If I do not fall asleep within a hour I will change, work out, shower, then crawl back into bed. I have done this for years. Not often, I could go months and have a normal pre work or after work workout. But if I can’t sleep it generally lasts for a few weeks off and on. If you have never tried the 2/3 am workout I recommend it. There is something about doing it at that hour. Everything is SO quiet and dark outside.

SO the growth workouts were awesome. They were long. I enjoyed getting into a pattern instead of stopping and starting. The first growth workout was 12 mins on 2 min walk then 8 mins on. The second growth workout was 18 mins on 2 min walk then 5 mins on. Makes you wonder what week 6 will be. Actually I am writing this Mon night so I will find out tomorrow morning what it will be…

The recovery/foundation workouts were every other day at 5 mins on 1 min walk.

So the walls and ground in Chefchaouen Medina are painted blue. During the Crusades the Jews were run out of their homeland. They took refuge in Chefchaouen. The walls are blue as a reminder. The Islam’s and Jews live peacefully there. The other pictures are the wall around the area and our view looking down. The town’s name means looking to the Mountains.

Fes Medina is where the Queen grew up. We ran through the marketplace. It was crowded. I did not enjoy it as much, just like I do not like shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I just do not like crowds even though I KNOW I was not running around them or anything. The marketplace was pretty cool when people were not around. I liked seeing all the booths. It did not appear to be a great structure. There are beams in allies supporting the buildings.

Tommy gives GREAT advice along with knowledge. He wants people to enjoy the experience of running. So if you are on vacation you should not just push yourself to the max. Instead ENJOY your scenery. Take time to just take in the view. Stopping and just being will not hurt your workout. I have to admit I sometimes get in the mindset to just ‘do’ and not just ‘be’ in the moment. He said to go at a slower pace instead of just pushing self. I definitely have enjoyed the benefits of being exhausted after a grueling workout but it is VERY hard mentally to keep going back knowing you have a grueling workout ahead. I think I am going to go with programs where I get to enjoy myself.

Tommy Rivers

So it is hard to get a picture during your walking moments when he is facing me. This is a side profile compared to his update from Wed. on Instagram. It is so very shocking to see and breaks my heart. He continues to be in my prayers. I was glad to see he made a post or someone did on his behalf. He has to have such internal strength. I have truly enjoyed listening to him talk. He grew up SO different from me. His parents were college professors. Which is not shocking. He is so articulate. His dad stopped teaching and became a farmer. I do not think he is the same type of farmer as my dad. Anyways it was more geologist. His dug a religious formation in their back yard and the kids helped. So Tommy learned so much about rocks. He also went on a camping trip with his dad and brother. They went through caves but as boys they did not understand or appreciate. It sounds like they messed around. As punishment the boys were sent to separate caves with a fork until they could appreciate the moment and the Earth. Or something along those lines. I really should write these posts after my workouts so I can retell his stories. He is just so fascinating. I am glad to view these places through his eyes and with his knowledge of the culture. Personally, I am too scared to actually travel to Africa myself.


Renee with Ice Cream

My downfall… I honestly cannot remember what else I ate last week. I do not think it was low cal by any means. Probably not horrible. I do know I had M & Ms one day at work and a fun size snickers. AND these ice cream drumsticks twice. Had leftovers for lunch most days which is higher calories than just a wrap or steam veggies.

Body Image

Good news is more clothes are in my wardrobe rotation now. I accidently grabbed some and they fit. So I might had been worried for no reason. Or maybe the two pounds I lost helped. Yes I weighed myself today and only down 2 pounds. Kind of crazy but I have not gone full throttle with diet and exercise. BUT muscle weighs more than fat and I can feel my body tone up. My legs are NOT short weather ready but maybe by Jan I will not feel weird wearing khaki shorts out and about while on vacation.

I hope you had a great week! Tune in next week when I finish this SIX week challenge. And a clap to myself for jogging for 18 mins straight only 5 weeks after we started off at 30 SECONDS on. YOU CAN ALSO DO THIS. I hope you have enjoyed reading about the towns and scenery but also taking note of the times and schedule in case you are trying to do an intro into running by yourself!

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