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My Weight Lost Journey – Week 2

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I had planned on posting every Sunday night. Well it is Tuesday. However, I had a weird and horrific week 2. See, my brother-in-law died suddenly Monday morning. It has been a really emotional 9 days!

However, I was so glad I had started my weight lost journey, more specifically the 6 week Iberian Beginner Running series. 30 mins every morning I would listen to Tommy Rivers or maybe just let my mind wonder. It was a MUCH needed 30 minutes.


This workout was kind of freaky. We were jogging along a TALL deep cliff and sometimes the camera would look down or out. I kept telling myself they would NEVER show a recording of someone actually falling but it was still a mind trick in thinking I or Tommy would go over.

This is the first series I have done ‘with’ Tommy. He started teaching me Portuguese. I am not sure if I can repeat anything that I learned but it was fun attempting to speak the language. I do wish I could learn a foreign language but honestly, my brain cannot handle all of it.

Each workout gets filled with stories of Portugal. The history is quite amazing. It is a blend of cultures and religions. For example, in one area the houses were white with blue accents and red tile roofs. Different cultures have different rules on architecture. We ran by a fishing village and some houses along the beach. I kept thinking that I should see these horribly expensive houses but they are not there. It is so refreshing to see these villages in this beautiful country.

This week’s challenge days were increasing the jogging to 1 min increments. So 1 minute jogging around 4.8 and 1 minute walking around 2.6. This was done on 2 of the 5 days. It really was not bad and I did sweat more this week. I was SO glad that it was not more challenging. I am not positive I would had gotten on the treadmill if I knew I was going to have a hard workout. Mentally, you have to be ‘there’ and I definitely was not.


So overall I probably did not do bad calorie wise. Health wise not so good. I cannot eat when I am upset. So I barely ate last week, one small meal a day?? I did also have a little alcohol during the week which does not usually happen. I do NOT recommend this. My body finally ‘crashed’ Sun and Mon from the not eating and most likely allergies or a ‘bug’. I was able to not have a queasy stomach this afternoon and I feel so much better after eating lunch AND supper!

Body Image

I do feel as if my bloating feeling is going away. Anybody else have that problem with sugar? My clothes felt better on but I am not sure if I tried on my problem clothes. I know I have not lost the 8 pounds that I gained but I do feel as if my body is tightening up a little bit more. In the past, it seemed like it would take 3 weeks until you would start to see a change.



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