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Simple and Inexpensive way to add Winter Decor

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Entry Table Christmas2

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Do you need an inexpensive way to decorate for Christmas or winter? Try using winter picks.! I found this last month and are adding just the right touch.

SO… this year you decided NOT to spend much money on Christmas decorations or maybe even winter decorations. I am RIGHT there with you. Each year I think I have bought enough to ‘complete’ my house. And then I get to decorating and I am missing something…

Guess what I found???? Picks!!! I am not a crafter. I cannot take something from the Dollar Tree and make it look like a Pottery Barn piece. However, I LOVE this local store. It is part decorations and part flower shop. They have excellent taste. Sometimes I just like to browse for ideas. I am SURE you have this same store in your neighborhood. That hidden gem. This December, I was browsing for ?????? no idea but needed ‘something’. Anyways I found these picks for ONLY $2 a piece!

Winter Pick 1

These picks are high quality pieces. Very cute and authentic. I originally bought them to put in between my annual Christmas frames.

Tree Top SHelf Middle

I never did attempt to put the picks in it. If you like this display and want to know more about it. Read this on making the wooden tree or this on different ways to use barn wood.

Since Christmas is LESS than a week away, I am going back to the store to buy more of these for next winter. Side note, when you buy local it is important to buy everything you MAY want. You may not find it again the next year like a big box store that carries a certain brand that you know will sell the similar pieces year after year. I have found this out the hard way. So if you believe you will LOVE that style and line then buy what you want, even if it is on clearance after the Holiday. I have pieces I would love to expand on but cannot. But at the time, I did not want to make the investment and buy x more of it.

SO I am sure you are ready to SEE where I did put my picks. And remember, these flow from Christmas to winter seamlessly.

Display Case or Shelf

Wood SHelf with WInter Pick

Add your pick in an existing shelf. This pick just adds a pop of color. Again, $2!!!! It brightens up the ceramic house from Kohls and the DIY sign.

Behind a Sink

Winter PIck on Sink

There is not much you can do to make a sink festive. But these picks just make it feel warm and cozy. This display used 2 picks, so a whooping $4. This got paired with a battery operated candle.

Here is one from Kohls that I really like

Window Ledge

Window Ledge with Pick
Kitchen WIndow decorated for Winter

These picks are different than the other ones. At the time I was not sure what I would be using them for so got two different styles. I like both styles. Again, 2 were used so spent $4.

Entry Table Display

Entry Table Christmas2
Entry Table Christmas 2

This wood display was pretty tall so I used 2 picks and each side to add more dimension. So this display did cost more, at $8. I did extend the branches a bit to make it more full.

I believe my sign came from JoAnns. Here are similar items from Kohls


I love the way these picks just add a little something. They are high quality and came in at only $2 a piece. Mine came from Pennycrest. Shop your own local stores for these gems. I used to buy my faux flowers from stores where I like their decor but there is something to be said for picking out pieces in person. I might spend a couple more dollars for stems but it truly is worth it.

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