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Time to Build a Bar!!!

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So you want something unique and a gathering location for your family and friends???? The answer is to build your on bar!!!

There is nothing like watching multiple college football games on a fall Saturday! However, you need a spot to host everyone. It was important to me that everyone would be able to converse with others and not just whom was sitting on either side.

This bar takes from the old via from a barn that was falling down on our property. The wood now has new life to make memories with family and friends.

This bar can entertain 12 people around the outside. 8 black metal bar stools are in the center. Two tv’s are mounted along the back wall.

This project took a few hours/days and lots of love to bring it into existence. I am good with design but not with making it sturdy. Plus these types of projects are made for two people! One with experience… and me.

My initial drawings. An architect, I am not…

The bottom picture shows the frame. Every two feet we put a 2″ by 4″. 22.5 degree cuts were made for the corners. After this picture was taken, 2″ by 4″s went across the middle. It was necessary to have something to nail the barn wood on.

Framed Bar

Black construction paper (the same paper from putting under roof shingles) was attached so the imperfections of the barn wood would not show through.

The barn wood came from an interior wall that we cut down.

The wood got cut to a height of 38″ . The entire outside got ‘wrapped’ in it.

Butcher block was the most cost effective bar top. Wood biscuits and glue was used to connect the pieces of butcher block. I am not positive it is the right way. Research other alternatives! After 3 years one corner is now gapping.

The butcher block was oiled and then stained in dark walnut to match some of the colors in the barn wood. Dark walnut is used throughout my house so it adds to the ‘flow’.

Corrugated Metal pieces lined the interior. Cedar wood was placed on the floor. Dark Walnut stain was also used on the interior 2″ by 4″s.

The trim was wood found in the barn lean too. At one time, it may have been from the barn crib.

I love that there is a story behind this piece and that our house has character pieces in it so it does not feel ‘new’.

Sorry there are not more detailed steps but I always get a vague idea and it just takes form. I hope these pictures help you create your own design for a bar.

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Also , If you want to see the rest of my basement take the tour!

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