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Ways to Help with the Overwhelming Feeling of Building a New House Part 1

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So you took the plunge and finally building a house and possibly your dream home. No one ever told you starting with a blank slate is daunting task. One simple way to cope is to make one decision and stick with it for multiple rooms. This is good for two good reasons: less decisions to be made and a more cohesive home.

In this regard, I made the same decision for the 3 children bedrooms. Each child got to pick the paint color for their accent wall. However, I picked the same color for the remaining walls. Well, except for my oldest because she got me on a weak moment and she added a second color that was used in another room. I only needed to make 1 more decision for carpet because the 3 wall colors were are all the same color! The girls could each pick their own comforter but was from the same store so they all look the same. The light fixtures all came from the same place and the curtains same brand just different color.

The bathrooms all have the same vanity type, same counter top, same mirror type, same toilet, same light fixtures, same faucets and same tile on the floor. Each storage unit is different to add character but those pieces are movable and replaceable not the expensive part of the room.

I kept the same wood floors throughout the house and same brand for my appliances, and the same counter tops and cabinets for my kitchen and laundry ‘room’. It is a hallway to my garage.

Further posts will go into other ways to make home building decisions.



One thought on “Ways to Help with the Overwhelming Feeling of Building a New House Part 1

  1. This is really great advice for someone feeling overwhelmed by making all the decisions. Gosh, I sometimes feel like that and my house isn’t new. Thanks for sharing this.

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