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Weight Loss Journey – Week 6

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Oh my goodness! This was the FINAL week for the Iberian Beginner Running Series. Yep that means we RAN ALOT. However, I DID IT!

It is weird I will need to come up with the next series I will do… It is Sunday evening and tomorrow will be here before you know it…. I ‘tried’ looking at what to do next but really, I have no desire to increase my workout time from 30 mins to 45 mins. I ‘thought’ I liked the longer runs but realized I like 8-12 min intervals. NOT 25-30 min ones. Tommy LOVES to run and wants you to LOVE what you do or to simply enjoy it. So am debating doing the program I signed up for that is that intervals are sprinting as opposed to walking. I have done this type of workout multiple times and I do not believe I am there mentally. SO am thinking to trying something I will enjoy and not something to push me.


So the growth workouts were 25 mins on Tues and 30 mins on Thurs. Thursday went ok! Tuesday was rough. Mentally I just was not in the mood for it. I made multiple quick stops to wipe off sweat and take water breaks. Ironically, I thought I ‘liked’ the longer runs but decided maybe 8-12 mins intervals were more ideal for me. I know the breaks are ONLY one min long walks but still I enjoyed getting a break.

This week we ran a couple of days in the DESERT. Seriously how cool is that. I honestly did not realize I would enjoy it but it was highly interesting. There was a nomad area we ran by. It was deserted. It actually made sense because you can only stay in the area during the rainy season. Once the rain stops you must travel to another location near a water source. I am not sure if these ‘room’s’ were communal or if were living quarters. It was fascinating. I kept trying to picture myself living there and in that lifestyle. I’m not positive my personality will let me sit and just be at peace. I want my life to calm down but I do not think I want it ‘that’ calm.

So I have not watched Game of Thrones. However, we ran another couple of days in a location they shot from. I am showing pictures in case you are also a fan like my brother. It is from the scene when someone purchases an army. I did not realize you could ‘purchase’ that.

I really enjoyed this town. IT was by the water so one day was jogging on the beach and just heading into the town. The city was a gateway for trade. Since it is so close to Europe there is a lot of European architecture. This wall was built to protect the people. It appears to be a castle. So did people live inside these walls at a time??? The ‘houses’ looked as big or a NYC studio apartment. Or maybe smaller??? My mind likes to wonder what HAPPENED here and what have I learned and does this compare to what I imagined.

ifit week 6-9

The beach workout ended up at the ‘white house’ or Sultan’s Palace. The palace is in ruins. But it was quite neat to explore. I think the cool down was walking around it.

A recap, 3 days were 3 sets of 8 min run intervals, 1 growth day was 25 minutes straight, the other was 30 minutes.

This series was a great ‘mental’ series. I learned a lot about history, cultures, languages, and religions It was interesting enough that my mind WENT THERE and learning instead of counting down til it was done. Yes I DID count down but I also got loss for minutes at a time listening and learning.


Food wise I ate a lot of fruit but my vegetable intact was lower. Suppers were ‘easier’ meals instead of straight healthy. I really need to up my food game. I would be surprised if I ate any candy and only had a pop the entire week. Have you ever just not felt like meal planning? I am there. There are so many balls in the air that it is SO HARD to mentally take the time to do EVERYTHING to the best of my ability. Yes, I know I should take time every Sunday to plan out the whole week. Or prior to putting in my grocery order I should. But it is just another job on the never ending list. So I am NOT going to beat myself up for not getting an A on this.

Body Image

I think everything except my skinny pant day clothes fit. I do not ‘see’ a change in my body after these 6 weeks but I feel more tone on the inside. And after the whole election thing AND the death in the family I really needed this workout series mentally. My goal was to fit into my clothes again and that has happened!!! SO YAH.

Long term I want to decrease processed foods and just be eating overall healthier. OK real LONG LONG LONG term I will like a body like Kayla Itsines OR if we are talking long shots Gisele Bunchen. I am in my 40s neither is going to happen because I have no desire to eat or workout like they do. Plus the whole body shape is different and would probably be impossible. OK growing an extra foot (ish) in my 40s will not happen. But man I sure would like Gisele legs…

And no I am not obsessed with this, but I find thinking whom I will like to look like will KEEP me on the treadmill. Knowing my heart and organs are healthier JUST DOES NOT DO IT. Those thoughts do not get me on the treadmill day after day nor does it make me eat healthier. But thinking my flabby thighs and big behind will be transformed into long ‘sticks’ DOES get me on the treadmill or doing lunges or ?????

Find your motivation!!

I hope you enjoyed reading about these past 6 weeks. Comment below if you enjoyed reading these type posts. Otherwise I may discontinue this series or do something longer than weekly. OR ??? It is fun sharing my experiences. I do not mind working out ‘alone’ but it IS exciting sharing.

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Picture at the end of the 6 week series!!! Sorry it is blurry.

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